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Anne Crosby Gaudet

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About Anne

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

Anne Crosby Gaudet is a creative and insightful music educator from Nova Scotia, Canada. Holding a Masters degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Michigan, Anne is an established piano instructor, composer, adjudicator, workshop presenter and independent publisher.

Well-known for her piano teaching repertoire for children, Anne has published numerous piano collections with the Frederick Harris Music Company including: In My Dreams, Freddie the Frog, Rise and Shine, In the Mermaid’s Garden, Fuzzy Beluga and Tunes in Bloom. Her compositions appear in the Royal Conservatory of Music Celebration Series and have been favourites for exams, music festivals and recitals throughout North America for many years.

Piano and harpAnne studied digital illustration, web design and animation at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. With a playful approach toward learning digital media, she finds herself happily immersed in all kinds of creative projects. Her Music Discoveries publishes Tempo Time and Colourful Critters for piano, along with music and teaching resources for harp.

Anne has a passion for playing the harp. She is a Certified Clinical Musician, offering therapeutic harp music for patients in long-term care facilities. She continued with classical harp studies and worked through the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music exam system, earning gold medals at each level. Her interest in composing and arranging music for harp has been a fulfilling addition to her career. She also enjoys gigging with her husband as harp and guitar duo, Nappuccino.

Anne's ability to blend work and play, is a good description of her approach to teaching, composing and making music. Her students learn to find that same healthy balance in their own musical journeys.

Piano Collections

The Anne Crosby Library has been a successful part of the Frederick Harris Music catologue for many years. Her pieces are selected for the RCM Celebration Series plus numerous other collections.

These collections my be purchased at your favorite local music store, or online at Sheet Music Plus and the RCM Book Store.

In My Dream by Anne Crosby In My Dreams

These pieces stir the imagination and encourage creative expression while making use of the technical and rhythmic material that young students learn. Children enjoy the full, impressive sound created by exploring the full range of the keyboard, plus they find the pieces easy to learn as they discover the patterns and structure of the music. (Published 1996)

Freddie the Frog by Anne Crosby Freddie the Frog

This inviting collection contains eight fun-to-play pieces, complemented by lively illustrations and exercises. These playful piano solos will reinforce many basic musical concepts, including intervals, rhythm, note-reading, dynamics, and elementary terms and signs. Students will be motivated by such vivid and musically descriptive pieces as “Boogie Woogie Bear”, “Angelfish”, and “Starfish at Night”. (Published 2001)

Ride and Shine by Anne CrosbyRise and Shine

These six engaging elementary pieces depicting daily morning rituals are interspersed with activity pages to reinforce rudimentary musical concepts such as note and interval reading, rhythm, articulation, and composition. “Rise and Shine”, “Splish Splash” and “Happy Dreams” include teacher duets. “Bouncing on My Bed” is a fun favorite and trains tiny fingers to master slurs and staccatos. (Published 2002)

In the Mermaid's Garden by Anne CrosbyIn the Mermaid's Garden

In the Mermaid’s Garden features seven pieces encompassing a wide range of articulations, musical textures, and melodic contours. Evocative pieces such as “Dreamcatcher” and “Dragonfly Scherzo” strengthen sensitivity to phrasing, while offering practice of hand-crossing, dynamic nuance, and shifting time signatures. (Published 2002)

Fuzzy Beluga by Anne CrosbyFuzzy Beluga

This collection of nine delightful pieces encourages the development of visual, tactile, and aural learning styles. Students will enjoy pieces such as “Ocean Spray” as they explore the full range of the keyboard through large motor movements. “Risser’s Romp“ and “Pirate Tales” will enliven student performances with an energetic flair while “Sand Castles” and “Seagull’s Cry” generate an expressive sense of artistry. (Published 2008)

Tunes in BloomTunes in Bloom

These intermediate level solos give young students the opportunity to explore character and mood. From the perky "Periwinkle Twinkle” to the magestic “Coral Bells”, this musical bouquet offers engaging recital pieces that are filled with teachable moments. “Dancing Mayflowers” is written in the whimsical mixolydian mode, while the dorian mode gives “Ancient Thyme” a more serious character. (Published 2015)