About Anne Crosby Gaudet

Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating effective and fun music resources for piano and harp. Her compositions and teaching aids are well-known across North America.

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Just in case you have some questions about the store:

Canada eh?

That's right, prices are in Canadian dollars. Payloadz and Paypal will take care of the exchange if necessary.

Is there a shipping charge?

All items purchased in the Music Discoveries store are instant digital downloads. I do not ship physical books at this time, so there is no shipping charge applied.

Will tax be added?

There are no taxes required at this time.

Do you sell/ship hard copies?

I have limited quantities of beautifully printed, coil bound books for local customers. The price of my printed books is slightly higher than the digital download pricing. I accept cash, cheque or Visa (Square) upon pick-up. You may contact me for further details. I do not ship hard copies at this time.

Please explain your terms of use for digital downloads.

Single User License - This download is for use with one student only. You may view the pdf on a tablet and/or print one copy for your personal library. Digital files may not be copied or shared with others.

Private Studio License - Unlimited printing for use with your own private students. Digital files may not be copied or shared with others. You may not sell these products, but you may ask students to reimburse your printing costs.

If you purchase a Single User License and would like to upgrade to a Private Studio License, please contact me by email. I will refund the Single User License so you don't have to pay twice.

What happens after I make a purchase?

Your online purchase is processed by PayPal and PayLoadz. PayPal makes your online payment secure, and Payloadz makes sure you get your files immediately. You will receive an email with the links to your digital files shortly after your transaction has gone through. Click the link and save the download to your computer. If you have a problem, just reply to the email and I'll be happy to help.

What do you recommend for printing?

If possible, send your digital files to a print shop for quality printing. When printing sheet music try to use 24lb or 28lb paper, it's so much nicer. Teaching aids will last longer if you ask for 100lb cover stock paper and there may be certain items you wish to laminate.

My file isn't printing properly!

My files are saved as pdfs, so you should see exactly the same thing I see. But there can be issues, so the first thing to do is make sure you have an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader, it's a free download and it often solves viewing problems. Click here for the download link from Adobe. If you still have problems, please let me know and I will do my best to make it right for you.

I can't find one of your old teaching aids. What now?

I reserve the right to edit or remove my store items at any time. If this happens it's usually because I want to improve it in some way. Please do not my share files with others without asking my permission.