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Anne Crosby Gaudet is a gifted piano teacher who has shared her love of teaching with hundereds of students over the past 25 years.


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Young Composers

Young Composers is a special project in my studio where I set aside a block of time to focus on student compositions. The first collection was in 1993, that's over twenty years of encouraging creative music writing with hundreds of students!

Young Composers Covers

Here are some of our more recent Young Composers themes:

Young Composers 2016 Colorful CrittersYoung Composers projects begin with a studio-wide theme for inspiration. Students choose a title and start to come up with little ideas…motives…musical seeds. We toss ideas back and forth for a few weeks until a full composition begins to grow. When the student can confidently play his or her piece we figure out how to write it down.From there we move to the computer and notate it using Finale. Added touches include photos, illustrations and sometimes mp3s or recitals. It's always a special time of year and a wonderful way to measure progress over time.

The theme for 2016 was Colorful Critters. The students randomly combined a color and an animal to create a title. The rhythm of the words became the featured rhythm in the music. By reflecting on the character of the chosen animal, musical decisions were made to help the music come to life. This year we performed the compositions at the Music Room on Sunday, March 6. Every family received a copy of the Young Composers Colorful Critters book as a special keepsake. You can watch our Young Composers concert on the Recital Videos page.