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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Big Adventures Small Harps
Level 1A

Big Adventures Small Harps, Level 1A sets the stage for success at the harp. A thoughtful blend of visual, aural and tactile skill development ensures that the basics are well-covered.

This is appropriate material for adult and teen beginners who have some prior music reading experience in both clefs. Level 1A picks up with a review of grand staff note reading and basic rhythm, and progresses systematically through five chapters.

Every chapter includes: technique, warm-ups, note and pattern reading flashes, rhythm reading challenges, two pieces to play plus theory.

Content: 50 pages
Instrument: suitable for 26-string harp or larger, no levers required
Level: Beginner - Late Beginner

Level 1A covers the following basic concepts:

  1. open and closed hand position
  2. placing 2 and 3 note groups
  3. linking groups
  4. crossing hands
  5. rhythm: basic note values up to dotted quarter and eighth
  6. notes: grands staff and ledger lines (appropriate for 26 string harp)
  7. intervals: 2nds and 3rds

The YouTube video below is a set of 10 practice tracks. I have recorded each piece from Level 1A at a comfortable tempo on a small harp to support and encourage as you learn.

Whether you choose to print or view on your tablet device, the layout is attractive and pleasing to read. Every concept is presented and reinforced to give students a feeling of mastery every step of the way. Even at this early level, students will be playing pieces that are musically engaging. With titles like "Quiet Morning", "Wind Chimes" and "Silver Moon", students will be encouraged to explore imagery and imagination.

“I love this book! It has been so great for growing my teaching studio, new students have great success with this book and they get excited to learn so they stay motivated while working through such challenges as establishing technique and learning to play in a relaxed manner. BASH 1A is paced perfectly for the new student. I have used it with great success with students who already read music and those new to note reading, which has not happened with any other book I have used in the past. It appeals to a wide range of ages, my adult students don't feel it is too childish in its design yet the younger ones still love the graphics.” (Katherine Fitch Loza, Halifax NS, harp teacher)