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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Classic Minuets

As a pianist, I have been playing and teaching keyboard minuets for many years. With a few small edits, some lever planning and thoughtful fingering these pieces also play beautifully on the lever harp. Lovely for weddings, background music, harp therapy or for your own personal practice, I hope you enjoy adding the minuets to your repertoire.

As you practice these pieces, there are a few things to keep in mind. I have carefully worked out fingerings to help you navigate smoothly. Less experienced players may wish to bracket finger groups. The sequence of pieces has been planned to help you play the entire collection with minimal lever changes.

Depending on your harp and level, you will need to decide on fingering and technique for your left hand. As you become comfortable with the music you will want to add your own dynamics to suit your personal style and sense of expression.

This is an ideal collection for the lever harpist who is interested in exploring classical repertoire.

Content: 19 pages (11 solo selections)
Instrument: suitable for a fully levered harp
Level: Early Intermediate

Cover artwork Credit

The cover art is a public domain image from www.metmuseum.org
A Dance in the Country by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (Italian, Venice; 1727–1804)