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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Emoji Modes

Emoji Modes takes a concept that many people find confusing and makes it seriously fun! Discover the playful side of working with modes.

This workbook is for harp students and piano students alike. Every page and activity works equally well on strings or keys.

It's all about character.

Learn how each mode has the potential to express a unique mood or character. And what better visual aid... emojis!

Now you've got the tools and curriculum for making sure all of your teen and adult students learn to play with modes.

Content: 37 pages
Instrument: piano or harp
Level: Intermediate

Please note: Private Studio License includes the Emoji Modes e-Book plus the bonus Emoji Modes Teaching Aid Cards as a zipped file.

Here's what you will cover:

  • Learn the seven modes in relation to the key of C Major
  • Learn how to express character using modes to their full potential
  • Learn which basic chords to use so you can easily improvise in any mode
  • Create music with modes using title imagery, word rhythm and character as inspiration.
  • Work with lead sheets and even learn a specially composed solo for piano or harp.

Emoji Modes Teaching Aid Cards

As a special bonus for purchasing the Emoji Modes Private Studio License, you will receive this printable teaching aid. Just print on a single sheet, cut and teach. Adds a splash of color to learning the modes off by heart.

Emoji Modes Teaching Aid Cards Cards

Remember, this book is equally fun for piano or harp. You'll find “The Willow Tree” as a special Mixolydian project piece. You can hear it below played on the harp, but it's just as nice to play on the piano.