About Anne Crosby Gaudet

Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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The More We Get Together

One of the great joys of playing the harp is finding opportunities to play with others. This collection is a wonderful choice for harp circles because it embraces the wide variety of levels and harp sizes that can be present in a group gathering. All of the pieces are playable in C Major tuning, so no worries if you don’t have levers. All of the pieces can be played with, or easily adapted to a 26-string harp. By including the lead sheet symbols, more advanced players are encouraged to embellish with chords and patterns while novice players may choose to simplify.

Each piece is designed to present teachable moments for the group. The book includes a preface with two pages of skills and ideas for teaching the pieces. Some will be best taught by rote, while other are designed for reading. There are opportunities to work with the Dorian and Mixolydian modes to discover how modes can give old familiar songs a new character. You will find some fun original pieces to play along with a nice variety of Celtic and folk melodies. There are also opporunities to work on harp techniques including: finger placing, glissandi, chord patterns and harmonics.

Content: 30 pages (9 solo selections)
Instrument: suitable for a 26-string harp tuned to C Major or larger
Level: Elementary to Early Intermediate

Artist Credit

The artwork for the cover is called Between the Lines and Spaces by Cris Sonntag, an artist who lives on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. Cris is also a harpist who finds inspiration for her art and music in the magic of living by the sea. She is a member of the North Shore Harp ensemble, Northern Harpstrings. She continues to paint and show her work in galleries throughout the Maritimes.

Please visit Cris Sonntag Nova Scotia North Shore Artist on Facebook.