About Anne Crosby Gaudet

Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Morning Has Broken

This is a special collection of pieces that has been growing and evolving with me for several years. It started in 2012 when my sister was dignosed with ovarian cancer and was hospitalized for numerous weeks. I found that providing quiet harp music for her room was helpful and soothing. I started arranging these favorite traditional melodies at that time.

I also found myself composing some original music for the collection. As the three pieces emerged, I felt they belonged to three family members that have dealt with cancer in their lives. I asked each of them to name her piece based upon a favorite place. The titles include: “Lake Fanning” (for my mother), “Belle Baie” (for my aunt) and “Sambro Creek” for my sister. The fourth original composition, “Mermaid's Tears” flowed out my fingers on the anniversary of my sister's passing. The entire collection is dedicated to my sister, Dr. Lynn Crosby.

The arrangements are written in keys with two flats up to one sharp. Only one piece has a lever change and it is a very easy one. The patterns are comfortable so you can sit down and enjoy playing right away. Select fingering has been added to help navigate the trickier spots.

Content: 27 pages; 10 solos
Instrument: Lever or pedal harp (F# Bb and Eb required)
Level: Intermediate

The collection includes the following arrangements and originals:

  1. Star of the County Down
  2. Lake Fanning (original)
  3. Belle Baie (original)
  4. Baloo Baleerie / Leezie Lindsay
  5. The Water Is Wide
  6. Skye Boat Song
  7. She’s Like the Swallow
  8. Sambro Creek (original)
  9. Mermaid’s Tears (original)
  10. Morning Has Broken

This is my 3rd year of playing the harp, from scratch, self taught, so it takes me a while to really make the music a part of me. Your music is just so perfect for 'beginners' though, it's easy enough at first sight to be encouraging and then there are those lovely rhythms and harmonies that add delight as the learning progresses. Every time I get up from a practice, in my heart there is a thank you winging it's way to you for sharing your gift and your talent with the rest of us. - Lorraine (Ontario)