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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Piano Books

As of 2018 I have a new Music Discoveries Shop, which offers teaching resources and sheet music downloads for both piano and harp. The links on this page will now re-direct you to the Shop. See you there!

Chord Town by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Chord Town

A creative approach to making beautiful music with chords and patterns. After visiting Chord Town, you will come away with a set of valuable skills to enjoy.
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Chord Town Christmas by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Chord Town Christmas

Nine Christmas lead sheets for piano or harp players. Mix and match patterns to create your own beautiful arrangements.
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Emoji Modes by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Emoji Modes

Discover the playful side of working with modes. Learn how each mode has the potential to express a unique mood or character.
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Colourful Critters by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Colourful Critters

Nine early intermediate piano solos, each with a featured rhythm that matches the rhythm of the title! Silly titles are simply more fun and are a great way to connect with rhythm.
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Gazillion, Book 1 by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Gazillion, Book 1

Here is a piano studio “must-have” theory book to give your students consistent skill-building practice with naming notes and more.
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Gazillion, Book 2 by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Gazillion, Book 2

The note spelling continues into the Early Intermediate level, giving students plenty of homework to brush up on grand staff reading, intervals, triads, key signatures and more.
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Just Picture It!

Just Picture It (Prep A - Level 5)

Just Picture It is a printable teaching resource to help piano students learn technical requirements with a visual twist.
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Tempo Time by Anne Crosby Gaudet

Tempo Time

Created to make beginning piano lessons a big success! This all-in-one workbook is a favorite for 4-7 year old beginners.
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Piano Teaching Aids

The piano teaching aids are all digital download purchases. You will receive your file immediately after checking out. All teaching aids come with a Private Studio License, which means permission is granted for ONE user to make unlimited copies for students within that person’s private teaching studio. Digital files may NOT be shared. Duplication for the purpose of resale is not permitted, except to recover printing costs from a student.

Bird Fingering Flashes from Music Discoveries

Bird Fingering Flashes

A fun activity for reinforcing finger numbers and coordination. May be used at a variety of levels by tweaking the difficulty.
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Chord Town Resource Cards from Music Discoveries

Chord Town Resource Cards

Four handy resources in one download! Use these cards to supplement learning with the Chord Town program or use the cards on their own to teach scale degrees, cadences and chord symbols.
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Circle of 5ths Neighbourhood

Circle of 5ths Neighbourhood

Learning the Circle of 5ths is just like getting to know your neighbours. The experience of learning and playing music is richer when you understand how key signatures work.
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The Funny Farm from Music Discoveries

Funny Farm

The Funny Farm Game is a favorite with beginning level students. Play with a group of children or with just one student and have fun reviewing elementary music concepts.
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Interval Octopus from Music Discoveries

Interval Octopus

Students match interval flashcards to the correct numbers on the octopus. Intervals include unision to octaves. Play the notes on the piano for an extra challenge.
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Leaping Ladybug from Music Discoveries

Leaping Ladybugs

One game...two levels! Level 1 reviews whole steps and half steps. Level 2 is works with chromatic and diatonic half steps, whole steps and enharmonic equivalents.
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muffin Rhyhms from Music Discoveries

Muffin Rhythms

Get creative by pulling out a muffin tin and build rhythms in the cups. Depending on which way you turn your tin, you can create rhythms in 4/4 or 3/4. Triplets and sixteenth notes have never been so delicious!
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Quirky Birds from Music Discoveries

Quirky Birds

When stems are placed correctly the notes look like p for puppy and d for dog! Watch out for q or b, those are the quirky birds! This sorting game will help students quickly identify the correct placement for stems.
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Rhythm Grid Puzzles from Music Discoveries

Rhythm Grid Puzzles

Use these Rhythm Grid Puzzles all day long with many ages and levels to develop a solid understanding of note and rest values.
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Rhythm Readers from Music Discoveries

Rhythm Readers

Nine levels in one easy download! Each level includes eight different rhythm strips to reinforce various note value concepts.
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Teeny Tiny Flashcards from Music Discoveries

Teeny Tiny Flashcards

These popular flashcards fit perfectly on the piano keys. Now you can make sure students are making a meaningful connection between “All Cows Eat Grass” and the correct location on the keyboard.
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Tempo Time Teaching Aids from Music Discoveries

Tempo Time Teaching Aids

The Tempo Time Teaching Aids are designed to be used with the Tempo Time beginner book, but this little set of resources is so popular that I decided to make them available on their own too.
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