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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Summer Suite

This set of four intermediate harp solos is a lovely addition for therapeutic or gentle background repertoire. Making use of modes, these pieces capture a beautiful sense of imagery and feel comfortable under the hands.

“Indigo Cove” is composed in B Aeolian. The parallel fourths create a mystical sound paired with moody harmonies and flowing patterns.

“The White Caps”, in D Mixolydian has a lilting sparkle like the white caps on the ocean. This piece is fun to play with patterns that lay comfortably in the hands.

“Starlight Reflection” is composed in D Dorian. It creates a quiet space for thoughtful reflection. The left hand harmonics mirror the opening melody with a haunting shimmer.

“Late Summer Lullaby” is in C Major and features expressive intervals in the right hand melody. This piece has a full sound with rich chord patterns, yet sits very comfortably in the hands.

Content: 14 pages; 4 solo selections
Instrument: Lever or pedal harp (F# C# required; no lever changes)
Level: Intermediate