About Anne Crosby Gaudet

Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Tunes for Two

Tunes for Two is a collection of seven arrangements of familiar classics and traditional tunes that you will be able to play right from the start. For even more fun, you can play along with your teacher or a more advanced friend to make it twice as nice. These pieces use just the basics of reading notes and rhythms. I have included fingerings and brackets to help you along. Remember it is important to place your fingers as a group when the notes appear under a bracket. Listen for a nice, even tone as you play and remember... thumbs up! Take your time and enjoy making music!

All seven pieces may be played on a 26-string harp or larger and no levers are required. I have uploaded practice tracks to SoundCloud for those of you who like to play along with the accompaniment. You'll hear a two-bar click to count in each piece.

Content: 18 pages; 7 teacher/student duet arrangements
Instrument: suitable for 26-string harp or larger, no levers required
Level: Beginner